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Tracing, starting with the word trace, which intends to search or search. In graphics, meaningful tracing is redrawing using a reference. If it is simplified, it means plagiarizing the image, there is also one that defines tracing as the process of changing the image format from a bitmap to an ordinary vector. This tracing can be done with several applications. For example, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw, Zara X or special tracing software such as Corel Trace and even Adobe Illustrator CS version 1 and above have implanted a live trace tool in the program that is able to convert images into vectors in seconds. In graphic computer terminology, vectors are a set of objects in a particular line or shape that can be defined mathematically, filled with colors, and have free resolution. Therefore, the vector can be enlarged in any size without losing its resolution. Types of vector data include AI (Adobe Illustrator, FH (Macromedia Freehand), CDR (Corel Draw), WMF (Windows Meta Files), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), CGM (Computer Graphic Metafile), and so forth.

If your image is in the form of a bitmap and you want to convert it to a vector file, we are ready to help you do manual tracing so that your image can be used in a larger form.

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